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29 June 2011

Hi,everybody,I need a favor:) Click on this link to help me win camera on Fashiolista's contest.It will only take a second of your time-click on the link,and than LIKE on the facebook button.It will mean a lot to me;)
Thank you girls and boys!
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Shoe freak


28 June 2011

Bag-New Yorker;Shirt-H&M;Shoes-Borovo;Necklace-Ringeraja

I don't know if I should start talking about my new shoes,cause it will be a looong story:)
The shoes are by Borovo,Croatian brand well known in my part of Europe.They're called Borosane.A lot of you have the same memory about Borosane and it's probably about your teacher from kindergarten or cleaning woman from school:) Well you see,Borosane had total make over and they're fancy now;) They're designed in a lot of models and colors,but sad thing about everything is that you can get them only in Croatian stores!I was wishing my first pair for 2 years (I was boring everybody on my FB fan page) and every time I was in Croatia I had a lot of problems and never got them-the stores were closed,they didn't have it in my size,etc.But...lucky me I have my gorgeous friend Mia who got them for me this weekend.Can you imagine how happy I am?
The beautiful Mickey Mouse necklace is by Ringeraja,I talked about them earlier.Did you check their site?

Outfit of the day:Neon


26 June 2011

Blouse,wedges,bag,glasses-H&M;Ring-Forever21;Skirt-Made by my mom

Oh how I love neon colors for this summer!And oh how I love to mix the colors and shock the people!You couldn't miss me yesterday,that's for sure!;)
I have one outfit post here with this skirt,but this time totally different-wedges and bright pink blouse!The skirt was made by my mom,after I saw similar at American Apparel.AA one was hunting me in my dreams,so I went in fabric shopping and forced my mom to make me one in only few hours!Yes,I was that much obsessed:)
Hope you had amazing weekend,mine was super fun cause I'm in Bosnia with Fiance.
Have a great week,everybody!



23 June 2011

It's not a real outfit post, but I wanted to show you how I spent my day today.Relaxing,reading,tanning,no make up,no-shoes!:) My life was really hectic these past months so I needed time off.I was at my parents weekend house,doing pretty much nothing and I loved it:)
Oh and I'm a "little bit" sunburned!I look like a zebra now,cause I used sun-creme only on my back and hands,the rest of my body is pretty much red-horrible!
This will be one sleepless night...
P.S.How funny am I in the last picture?:)

Greetings from Bosnia!


21 June 2011

Shirt H&M, shoes and necklace Forever 21, bag New Yorker, jeans Orsay

Doesn't look like Vienna,right?;)
I'm in my home town after few months in Vienna,so the blog is a little bit neglected.
Here I am in outfit for movies night with my friends.
The Moschino belt is one of my favorite pieces in the closet,but I don't wear it so often since it's so eye catching.And it really goes with everything!Like here with this casual outfit;)
And about the pictures-they were taken by my friend Jasmin,who is a photoshop wizard and I really love how they came out (too bad the camera was bad).You can check his pics in his facebook page,boy makes wonders!;)
See you soon!