Time traveling


30 April 2011

I feel like I came from another time:) The whole outfit is built around the hat, which is my favorite piece at this moment.Do you like the pictures?:)
Are you enjoying your weekend?
Have a great time!

Shine on


29 April 2011

Bag and necklace H&M, skirt custom made

Meet my new baby!My heart stopped beating when I saw this bag!It's clutch,it has neon colored zipper,it's silver and it's freakin' amazing!:-)
Have a great weekend,everyone!
P.S.I'm working on my blog's background and banner,do you have any advice?Suggestion?;-)

Hot & cold


28 April 2011

"Hot & Cold" is the perfect song for todays weather!Argh...don't like it!At all!;-)
Now, enough of complaining, how is your week going? Mine great, cause I now you're here with me;-)
This is what I was wearing today. Yeah, yeah I know,such an unusual day outfit, but I really felt like wearing it so...why not? Gotta step out of the box,right?
P.S. I just can't describe you how amazing my new bags from H&M's FAA collection are!Can't wait to show you!

Lots of love,

Easter outfit


26 April 2011

Blazer, necklace and ring H&M

Oh how I enjoy uploading pictures on my blog and waiting for your precious comments;-)
Thank you for everything my loves!

Color block resting


24 April 2011

Bag Ebay, skirt mom's, blouse and wedges H&M, watch Timberland, glasses Ray-Ban, necklace vintage

Happy Easter, my chic friends!
I'm spending my day with Fiance and Mom, eating,dancing, singing, watching movies, in one word relaxing and after all that-walk trough Vienna;) How is your day?
This is what I was wearing few days ago,the skirt is my mom's when she was my age. I saw a similar one only in black at H&M, but mine is priceless 'cause it has a beautiful story behind;)
And again,thank you for your support!
Have a great Sunday!


Man,I feel like a woman!


22 April 2011

Blazer Zara, shorts H&M, watch Timberland, wedges Pimkie

Hi,my lovely readers!
Is it sunny and warm over there too?It feels like a summer here,I love it!
So,this is what I was wearing yesterday running around town. I had this vision in my mind for days and I kind of like how it turned out:-) I'm not used to wearing socks with peep toe shoes but never say never,right?Fashion is a fun game!
Thank you for your support,I'm more than thankful!I really enjoy in your blogs!
Till next time!

20 April 2011

Blazer vintage, necklace and shirt H&M, pants Zara, bag New Yorker

Ohhh I wanna wear colors all the time, just can't get enough of this color blocking trend. I'm buying colorful pieces all the time, and my valet is really upset:) This is what I was wearing yesterday to take a tour around Schoenbrunn with Fiance and my mom (she's visiting us in Vienna). Day full of happiness!
Today we're going shopping with my Made of honor, gotta wear flats 'cause it's gonna be a looong day!
Lots of love!

Wedding outfit


18 April 2011

Jumper H&M, blazer Zara, bag Mango

I missed this soo much! I went to Bosnia to my friend's wedding this weekend and of course had no time for blogging:-( Now,I'm back in Vienna,back to my camera and closet,and back to my blog!
This is what I was wearing that day.This jumper is starting to be the favorite piece in the closet,such a beauty;-)
And...let' me introduce to you,my one and only...He's my blog photographer, my best friend, my soulmate, my fiance, my... everything;-)

Dream big


13 April 2011

Source Carolines Mode

Alexander Wand Fall 2011
It's time to start saving so I could have enough to buy one piece,but...which one???If you had the chance,which one you would choose?:)

Keep on goin'


12 April 2011

Blazer Vintage, H&M dress and tights
I'm starting addiction called "Fashion blogging" can someone help me?;) I'm glad I heard only good reactions for me starting a blog, I hope that you'll enjoy as much as I am posting this!
Today I bought emerald green silk jumper at H&M Trend for my friend's wedding at Saturday,can't wait to wear it.It's more than beautiful!
Thanks for following,it means a lot!

Inspiration post


11 April 2011


I mean...what more can I say?Love it!

Colorblocking No.1.


10 April 2011

Wearing: Skirt made by myself, vintage blazer, bag and belt and Pimky wedges

Soooo...I finally did it! Welcome to my blog, post number 1! I hope that this will be one successful and exciting journey,so have a seat and enjoy! I promise I'll try my best;)
I'll be back soon!