I got a pocket full of sunshine


31 May 2011

Blouse, wedges H&M; Necklace, ring Forever 21; Jeans Miss Sixty; Bag E bay; Sunglasses Ray Ban; Watch Timberland 

Hiiii guys!
Wow,how the time passes by! I have a lot of things happening in my personal life, so I'm having hard time taking pictures and blogging but I'm doing my best. I went to Vienna Therm last night and booooy it was a lot of fun!I'll just tell you that I got stuck in closed toboggan on like 20 m:))Don't ask!;)
I went to H&M store today after a while (I took a time off of H&M,'cause I went there literally 3 times a day when I moved in Vienna) and I was really surprised! A lot of new things arrived, specially jewelry! I had to treat myself with some new candies, will show them soon;)

Nothing sweet about me


29 May 2011

Wow, it looks like I took a little break from blogging! I had a lot of fun over the weekend and now I'm back to you!
A big thank you to my Spanish readers and friends of David, my Spanish buddy! You made my day!;-)
Hope I'll get some pics of tonight's outfit to show you guys,my new H&M romper!
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I'm a gypsy,are you comin' with me?


26 May 2011

Dress Mango, Necklace Forever21, Bracelet H&M, Bag DIY, Watch Timberland

Who said that I can't sew?! Look at my bag! It's perfect! I'm in love with this type of clutches these days and I found one at American Apparel,but 70 euros...not a chance! So, I found a canvas store, took a sewing machine from my lovely friend Anita (you can check her blog here) and started sewing. I made 3 bags so far:-)) If you want a "how to do it" post-let me know, I'll find some pictures to help you;-)
'till next time,

Who run the world?


24 May 2011

Necklace, top, bracelet H&M; Bag New Yorker; Wedges Pimkie

I had so much problems uploading this post, that I almost gave up! Argh! Finally! But now I don't have time to write something since my friend is waiting outside literally in the car, screaming and yelling. I guess this will be a looong ride:)

Like in the old days


23 May 2011

Wedges Pimkie, Necklace Forever21, Bracelet H&M

Remember my last post? This is the outfit I was wearing that day, vintage vibe;)
No big words for you today babes, enjoy the day and sign in my facebook page of course;)

Places to visit-Pure Living Bakery


21 May 2011

I just can't wait for you to see the pics of the most gorgeous coffee shop I've visited! It's called Pure Living Bakery and it's coffee house with a shop. The lady that owns a shop had the idea in her head for years, and after a lot of trips to USA where she collected all kinds of seats,tables,...she opened it in Vienna. At first, the cafe had only 4 seats (!!!), then 12, and last spring they opened their cottage garden. The menu is totally different than in other cafes in Vienna, for example they don't serve sachertorte. Instead, they're making their own muffins, waffles, bagels, cinnamon rolls,...Ohh! The atmosphere is relaxed, staff is kind and they really made me feel like at home. 
So, when you visit Vienna,this is the place to go to!

Pure Living Bakery
Altgasse 12
1130 Vienna

They're also selling everything you see (pricey I must say) 

And this is what I ordered (not all of it of course, only left tray:-))