31 July 2011

Blazer,shorts,bracelet H&M;Necklace Forever21;Wedges Pimkie

Welcome to new Beeswonderland!I wanted to give a makeover to my blog since I've started but I just couldn't find time to finish it.So,last night I finally sat down with my photoshop wizard  friend and this is what came out!I love the all black and white look,the girly background I had was only for the beginning (which in the end lasted a long time) and in the banner I'm in love!We had few options,of course had problems to decide but I think we made a good decision.What do you think?
Only few days until the Fashiolista contest ends,I'm sooo excited that I haven't slept for days.I'm leading!
Even Stylescrapbook mentioned on her twitter this morning that she's rooting for me!
Dream come true!
Thank you for everything,guys!



29 July 2011

Skirt vintage,Denim shirt Levi's,clutch H&M,necklace Forever 21,Ring Loved by Blanche,Bracelet DIY,watch 1 Timberland,watch 2 vintage

I guess a lot of you already heard that I'm in finals for Nikon camera,and in this moment I'm in leading place.I can't even think about getting it,it's so surreal!If you wanna vote for me,here's a LINK just vote for number 1;-)
Thank you so much!
I finally managed to wear my denim shirt,I love it because it's oversized!I think it matches the pleated white midi skirt perfectly.And psst btw,I got the skirt for circa 0.30 cent (in Bosnian 0.50KM)!Yes,seriously!
And it was with tag!
I swear!:-)



28 July 2011

If you could only see me now,I'm jumping!:)
I'm in final in Fashiolista's contest for Nikon camera!Yes!!
Now,I need your help once again!Click on this LINK and vote for Beeswonderland in the end of the page!It takes a second of your time and means a world to me!
Thank you,guys!

DIY - Friendship braclet


26 July 2011

Via Jak & Jil

I've received a lot of  questions on my facebook page about friendship bracelets and I decided to make a tutorial video for you guys,so have fun!
It's easy,chic and I promise you that you're gonna make someone happy with the gift (I sure did!) so give it a try!
Let's start!

You'll need:
- embroidery thread
- a safety pin
 - scissors

Start by cutting several strings of embroidery thread (I used 8 colors,you can double them too) about 60cm (24 inches) each.Combine the thread and tie a knot,leaving at least 5cm of slack.Safety pin it to pillow or on your knee (I placed it there).
Start on the left side with first color by making a knot,tighten it and do it again.Two times with every string.Continue knotting to the end on the right side.Repeat it with second color...
To make it all easier,here's a video I made for you!

In the end,it looks like this:

Via Honestly...WTF

Like it?;)

Music sound better with you


25 July 2011

Skirt found in mom's closet,wedges and blouse H&M,ring Forever 21,bag Ebay

Ohhh how I love this skirt!I found it in my mom's closet few years ago,but it wasn't her time so I kept it and patiently waited...I finally came back to her this winter and since then we're having a perfect relationship full of fun,joy and happiness;)
I want to make some changes with the blog,starting with a cool banner,so if you guys have some ideas I'd be happy to hear them;)
Have a great "October" day!
P.S.My friend just started a fashion blog,so you should visit her and support!;)




23 July 2011

Bag New Yorker,Skirt DIY,Necklace H&M

There is not enough words to describe my love for this picture!
Made by my friend Jasmin Tare Celjo (photoshop wizard)
Have a great Saturday night,mine will be full of cocktails that's for sure;)
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Loved by Blanche


21 July 2011

Shoes Jil Sander;Belt Moschino;Bag DIY;Glasses,bracelet H&M;Watch Timberland;Ring Loved By Blanche

Remember this post?It was the day when I got this amazing ring from Fashiolista's giweaway!Finally it arrived and it looks even better than on the picture!It's perfect!And look at the package and kind note!Love it!

Spent the day in shopping with my mom,I got too much jewelry which I'm gonna show you on my facebook fan page so stay tuned;)
It was super windy but I managed to take some photos thanks to my mom:)
And you have only few days to vote for me in Fashiolista's contest,here is the link!
Thank you!

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19 July 2011


Don't you just love the mint color?I adore it!On my nails,skirts,shorts,shoes (those would be a perfect one),you name it!It reminds me on ice cream and who doesn't love a good Italian ice cream,right?;)
Speaking of ice cream,let me tell you about the perfect one!Nougat in one gelateria in Vienna!It's the best ice cream I've tasted in my life,and trust me this ice cream-maniac have tried a lot of them all around Europe.They even keep in separated refrigerator,it's not on the menu and only few of us know about it;) It's totally different level of ice cream!
Now,I wanna ice cream!:)
Keep on voting,babes!
Thank you!

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