You are the one!


21 August 2011

Picture tells a hundred words!

Dream day


19 August 2011

So guys,as some of you know,I'm getting married tomorrow!Beyond words!
See you soon!



13 August 2011

Dress, blazer-Zara; Boots-Asos; Clutch-H&M

Just a quick outfit post,cause I'm in hurry-I have a big weekend in front of me!I have surprise bachelorette party (weekend) prepared by my friends,cause guys-I'm getting married next Saturday!:-)See you on Monday;-)

Look of the day-Silver pants


12 August 2011

Pants,bag-H&M; Loafers-Forever21; Blouse-Zara

Did you notice that I post almost on a daily bases?Almost!I hope with the new camera it will be on a daily bases,cause the baby is amazing!And it will catch this silver pants in all their glory,cause you can't tell on these pictures that they really are silver!And that they're cool!:)
See you in tomorrow's post;)

Raise your glass


10 August 2011


Say hi boots,say hi people!:)
This is my new obsession,I think I'm gonna bore you to death with them,don't say I didn't warn you!
Boyfriend said that all they need is a fish in heel:)
Well,I think they're perfect!Comfy,high,interesting...a girl can't ask for more!
The rest of the outfit is simple so the babies can shine;)
I just realized that I took too much shoes to Bosnia,most of them I haven't worn this summer at all.One are brand new!Jeez!
I hope Mom and Boyfriend are busy to read this!

The kid in me


08 August 2011

Dress Miss Selfridge;bag New Yorker;wedges,bow H&M;watch Timberland;2nd watch vintage

I'm back!Happy and tanned as you can see,so let's start.
The dress is originally by Miss Selfridge but my mom made this girl and sew it on the dress.I love it!
We had one period 2 years ago when we were selling this type of dresses and shirts but because of a lack of time,we stopped.Maybe,someday again...
And two watches?I just love how it looks;)
I'm full of energy,a lot of overwhelming things are happening to me these days and I really,really feel blessed.
Guess Santa Claus came early this year;)
Talk to you about all that some other time!