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13 August 2014

workout regime beeswonderland

Even though this is a fashion blog, the most commented things about me are my hair and my weight.
The amount of emails and messages I get about my fitness regime is crazy, so to write this post is one of the best things I did for this blog recently. 
But first, we have to clear some things up:

 - I'm not a fitness expert nor nutritionist
- These are the exercises I, not only tried, but did for a longer period of time, so I think my opinion is objective 
- This doesn't mean that it will work/not work for you, 'cause every body is different
- Everything you'll see here are home exercise programs, so it's easier to do it on daily bases in the comfort of your living room
- And most importantly, don't expect anything over night. You have to spill some serious sweat.

I did some pilates, zumba, had a fitness studio membership card, this and that before these programs, but now I realize it was all piece of cake. You'll see later why.
OK, after we cleared all that up, sit back, enjoy your coffee, tea or piece of cake maybe and let's start this long journey.

insanity workout shaun t beeswonderland

This was my first workout ever! Quite a thing to start with, but oh man I'm so glad I did. And even repeated the 2 months program few times after! 
The name says it all - if you're looking to lose serious amount of weight, push yourself and see how strong you are (mentally and physically), this is the thing!
The program is hardest workout ever put on DVD, lasts for 2 months and brings you results like you could never imagine! If you stick to it of course;-)

focus t25 shaun t beeswonderland

Another Shaun T's workout program. This one came out after the Insanity Workout and for me, it's even better!
5 days a week, 25 minutes of workout and Shaun T pushing you to your limits. 
No excuses!

After I finished Insanity Workout for few times and before Focus T25 came out, I struggled a little bit to find a program that will motivate me like Insanity did but be harder than zumba and all of that dancing around, so after days of Googling these are the programs (when I say tried I mean - finished).
All of these trainers are celebrity trainers which is the reason I started doing them a little bit sceptical, which has proven to be right in case of Jillian Michaels 30 Days Shred and Leandro Carvahlo's Brazil Butt Lift. Typical home workout programs which, to me, gave no results and especially - no Brazilian butt :-)
 Tracy Anderson Metamorphosison the other hand, is a trainer of Gwyneth Paltrow and the main reason we drool over Gwyneth's amazingly toned legs. The program starts with you choosing your body type and what you want to accomplish, with exercises that, at the beginning, looked easy for me. Man, I was wrong!
The Tracy method is strategic muscle engineering working the smaller accessory muscles and tightening them with the larger muscles. This should give you a leaner body - smaller, stronger and tighter. 
The only thing that bothers me are long workouts - a session lasts for hour and a half and I need my exercises to be quick so I can fit them in my busy days. If you have that time on your hands, definitely worth the try!

kayla itsines beeswonderland

After few months of following Kayla's Instagram and seeing those amazing results the people have, few days ago I finally purchased both her Nutrition and Training guides. These are not DVD programs, but ebooks describing every exercise with picture and text.
I can't say anything about this program cause I'm just starting it, but exercises and the progress pictures people send Kayla on her Instagram look more than promising. 
I'll let you know my opinion in few months, or you'll see my body transform in a Victoria's Secret angel ;-)

fitness blender blogilates xhit beeswonderland
If nothing above fits you, there's always our beloved YouTube! XHIT, Blogilates and Fitness Blender are channels I'm subscribed to and I do their exercises when I'm bored (sometimes while watching TV, too) and want to do something quick and easy. You don't even need to put your sneakers on, just pick the video and go.
This definitely is the easiest way to do some body movement at home, but don't expect miracles with 10 minutes of "How to have Kim Kardashian's booty" video.
You know what they say "Work like a beast, look like a beauty"!

So my lovelies, hope this post was useful to you and that I answered your questions.
If you still have some thoughts, feel free to write me and I'll be happy to help you.
All of these programs are much more effective with "clean eating", but that's post for itself and you'll see it on the blog soon.
Now, sneakers on and let's kick some butts.


  1. Koooooonacno ovaj post!!!!! :)))) Hvala ti B! Ti si meni tako velika motivacija, da jedva cekam da pocnem sa ovim vezbama! :* :* :*

    1. Hvala tiii! Sretno, salji slike napretka ;-)

  2. Posle Insenitija sve mi je smesno :) probala sam identicne programe kao i ti i opet se vracam na insenity. Skinula sav visak od porodjaja tim programom. Ne gubi se na tezini toliko kolina u cm. Ma Shaun T je zakon ako mene neko pita :)

    1. Nije ni cudo sto izgledas vrhunski;-) Bravo, Jo!

  3. Now, many of us lack of exercise, we do need practice more to keep fit.