White Nike Air Max


10 October 2014

nike air max beeswonderland

nike air max beeswonderland
nike air max beeswonderland
nike air max beeswonderland
H&M TREND faux fur coat  (in stores this week)  /  H&M jumpsuit  /  NIKE Air Max sneakers  /  

It's 7 o'clock as I'm writing this and I'm already on my feet, by my laptop to be exact, drinking my coffee, writing these words for you and I'm off to bikram yoga class. 
Who would have thought that a "always and only eating sweets" girl will grow up into a healthy eating and sport oriented? 
There's nothing better than to start your day by doing something good for your body, so let's do this together today. You don't have to kill yourself with exercise, just walk to your job/school/college, skip the elevator and take the stairs and have breakfast! Ooo, I know you always skip that part, but not today. Make me proud!
Before you go, here's my today's outfit video on YouTube
Have a fun Friday, loves!

Sedam je sati, a ja sam vec na nogama, pored laptopa da budem preciznija, pijem jutarnju kafu, pisem vama i trcim na cas bikram joge.
Ko bi rekao da ce se ona "uvijek i samo jedem slatkise" djevojka okrenuti zdravoj ishrani i vjezbanju?
Nema nista bolje nego zapoceti dan tako sto cete uraditi nesto dobro za svoje tijelo, pa hajde da danas uradimo nesto zajedno. Ne morate se ubijati vjezbanjem, prosetajte do posla/skole/fakulteta, zaobidjite lift i idite stepenicama i doruckujte. Ooo znam da taj dio uvijek preskocite, ali ne danas. Ucinite me ponosnom!
Prije svega, pogledajte moj danasnji video na YouTube
Zabavan petak, lutke!


  1. I love the jacket...and your lipstick!


  2. this is TOO good B !!! super combo


  3. I just want get all snugly in this amazing coat! Love this look B. I believe in being good to your body also :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. Absolutely in love with this post and your blog: Love the outfit (omg, this jacket!!), love your make-up and your haircut! You're just really inspiring!

    XX from Germany
    Want Get Repeat