Life lately


14 October 2014

What better way to start this post and sharing with you what happened in my life lately, than dreamy things like being spoiled by Sony Austria and getting their newest gadgets. They made me and my better half really, reeeally happy. Love to see my partner in crime starting to benefit from keeping up with me and my blogging by getting well deserved sneakers, clothes and gadgets. Boy's dream!
You've seen and loved his videos wearing New Balance and Nike sneakers. 

Speaking of blogging and hard work paying off, I had fun playing with fashion bloggers (quickly transformed into friends) for a few days on Vienna Fashion Week. You've seen my post about it here.

Foodie I am, I enjoyed a lot, a looot of delicious meals, some of them few days in a row even! What can I say, when I love something, I can't let it go:-)
My phone is full of food pictures, delicious and pretty meals I prepared or enjoyed in a restaurant, so not sharing them with you would be a waste.

This city never fails to impress me! Every season, every part of the day has it's beauty, so I'm never missing the chance to spend my days out of the apartment. 

Travels. New experiences. Happiness. 
Maybe it sounds cheesy, but I'm really grateful for everything I have, realizing daily how blessed I am. 
Maybe it's just this Bikram joga classes I'm taking speaking out of me and I finally found my zen? :-)


  1. love the food pictures!
    A lot of happy moments I see!

  2. Great pictures ! Looks like you are having a good time. xox

    Please stop by my blog:

  3. Looks like you have been having a lot of fun.

  4. Great food pix!

    xoxo, ♥