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07 September 2014

Switched the roles again for a "City stroll" with Nike Roshe.
It looks like this is slowly becoming a fashion blog for both genders, with more things for my male friends to be interested with. As much as you guys acted like it's not important to you, we know you love a good piece of clothing. And hate to shop. 
That's why we united with Mainlinesmenswear, everything on one place and only a click away.

Opet smo zamijenili uloge za "Setnju po gradu" sa Nike Roshe.
Sve mi lici da ovaj blog polako prelazi u blog za oba spola, sa mnogo vise stvari koje ce interesirati moje muske drugare. Koliko god se vi trudili da to sakrijete, mi znamo da volite dobar komad odjece. I mrzite kupovinu.
Eh eto zato smo se udruzili sa Mainlinemenswear, sve na jednom mjestu i samo klik daleko.


  1. Great videography

    xoxo, ♥

  2. Been going through your latest looks and all are spectacular.
    How cool that you switched up roles with this vid;)
    I love it!

    xx Tamara ChloƩ