Beeswonderland for JDSports


17 August 2014

Beeswonderland for JDSports

What better way to introduce to you the other member of Beeswonderland team and my other half, than through shoes.
We did a collaboration with JDSports promoting their new New Balance sneakers selection. It was so much fun to be behind the camera this time, so this probably will not be the end of it.
Hope you like the video and the great selection of New Balance sneakers that's only a click click away.

Nema boljeg nacina da vam predstavim drugog clana Beeswonderland tima i moju jacu polovicu, nego kroz cipele.
Udruzili smo se sa JDSports da promovisemo njihovu novu selekciju New Balance patika. Iza kamere ovaj put ja, sto, nakon toliko zabave, sigurno nije posljednji.
Nadam se da vam se svidja video i New Balance kolekcija udaljena samo klik klik misem.


  1. Very nice sneakers.

  2. Nice video and great clip. Love the overall in the post below. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me anytime.