Week 30


27 July 2014


I shopped - SALE - pieces to invest in, Cami dress trend and Acne Adriana sneakers are some of the posts from my trend section you've seen on the blog this week. Some of them "forced" me to shop a little bit, but hey! I really needed it;-)

I'VE SEEN - Transformers, but just because there was some food included and OK, I admit - I forced my better half to watch Grace of Monaco before, so I owed him one;-)
I LISTENED - Beyonce. Do I need to say more? But this week only one song was on repeat, Resentment Live.
I WATCHED - Girls. I've heard about this TV show a hundred times, but just couldn't force myself to watch it. Now I'm obsessed! Went through 2 seasons this week, that says it all.

I ATE - Healthy, delicious, mouth watering food. I'm a picky eater, but when I love something, I eat it aaaall day long! 
Like this Raw Lime Pie, yum!

I JUMPED OF JOY - Postman brought Daniel Wellington watch for me and New Balance sneakers for Le Hubs, did a secret project which will be on the blog soon and got a feature in My Fashion Magazine. Hip hip, hooray! 


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  1. I really like that shirt actually, think the outfit looks great too :)

  2. That New Balance sneakers is a good choice =)

  3. Great insta pics. xa

  4. looks like you had another great week

  5. I love your button up!

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  6. Your sense of style is both fresh and hip. Uber cool. Love it!