Week 29


20 July 2014

I visited - Italy! Verona and Milano Marittima. Not my first time in Verona, but my first time experiencing it with a Italian girlfriend. 
I had a special treatment for days, and recharged my body and soul for new adventures.

I ate - A lot of pizza, ice cream and pastries. A lot looot! Just when everybody is preparing themselves for bikini bodies, I'm stuffing myself with delicious carbs. Oh well, you only live once, right?

I've seen - Transcendence and it's not my type of movie, but girrrrl! Johnny Depp can sell me anything!
I listenedAdele Live at Royal Hall. Adele is one of those artists I always return to and this concert is something I could have on repeat for days. I've learned not only the lyrics, but every story she's telling between the songs! Breaths she takes! Crazy!
I read - Elle UK. My tablet is filled with books and magazines, but I needed something "beach light" this week. Elle UK is my favorite magazine and they didn't disappoint this month either. 
I watched - Suits. "Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am". Ladies, if you haven't seen Suits yet, now is your time. You have 4 seasons of Harvey Specter to catch up to. I envy you. Maybe I should see it all over again?

I shopped - Using my "Shopping Wishlist" and "Fringe Jacket Trend" as an inspiration, I got myself few things. Again. But I really need them;-)
I experienced - Fish pedicure. Half an hour of tickling. I survived!