SALE - Pieces to invest in


22 July 2014

Since last month we're seeing SALE signs everywhere and it's easy to give up and spend unreasonable amount of money on pieces we don't need. "Oh, but it's just 2 euros!". Been there, done that, my friend! Leave it in store!
SALE is also a perfect time to invest in pieces that we really need and that will be easily transformed from season to season. That doesn't necessarily mean a trendy piece.

As you can see above, SLIDERS are the first thing I recommend you to get now.
The price is lower, they're flat and easy to match with day/night outfits and you still have probably two more months until you'll be forced by rain to pack them with summer clothes.

Let's see what else I prepared for you...


Even though the summer is in full swing, the best time to get a jacket is now.
It's not something you already haven't heard, but a good jacket is worth every penny, since you can wear all year around. 
Under the coat for cool winter layering or on top of dresses when the temperatures start to rise.
Even a lot of summer nights require a jacket, so you'll probably start to wear it immediately. 


It's not a piece of clothing, but why wouldn't you save some money and use the SALE discounts to get yourselves a good bag?
Backpack is here to stay in next seasons too, so think about that.


Just because you have a perfect excuse to get one and because it's really a piece you'll get the most off.
With all these summer weddings, summer night dates, cocktail after work parties, ... you just need variations!
I would recommend you to get a piece that it's not so trendy, so it can serve you for few seasons and a piece that you'll easily wear with tights this winter, too. And the jacket you got before;-)


My favorite this season. Last season, too.
See, you can wear it now and later. It looks perfect over shorts and cami blouses for summer nights and as a cover up over skinny jeans and top when it gets chillier. 

Hope you'll found this post useful, have fun, babes!