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24 April 2014

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Since the most of us gathering daily around this blog are girls, and we all know how much girls love to feel pretty and look pretty, let’s talk about beauty for a little bit.
We all take care of ourselves all year around, but spring is the time when we naturally want to spend more time out of the house, out on the sun, spending time with family and friends, and feeling the best we can while doing that. With perfect make up and perfume. That’s where Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper comes in. Because what is our favorite way to shop? Online! Aaaand… with 15% off for every single one of you. Yes, yes! All you need to do is click, click on your favorite products (I say it in plural, because we all know it’s impossible to get only one thing. We need a lot. A lot of beauty products;-) ) and use the code MsH18pp4 which will be available until 04.05.2014. Sounds attractive? I know girls!
That’s the reason I prepared some of my favorite products for you to see – perfumes and lipsticks.
You know how much I love lipsticks and I’m always in a hunt for new color. Trying different things. Pink, red, orange,… you name it! In every shade! Fun, fun!

Perfumes are no exception and through the years I grew a quite enviable collection. Every single one of them is bringing me so many memories with only one smell – from the moment I got it, to every situation I was wearing it. Remembering only happy times, tho.
I separate them by seasons so these are my spring must haves. Trust me, you’re gonna love them, so this code I’m offering you today, came just in time.
Now, enough of the small talk, click here and enjoy in your “me time”.