Street One Wishlist


14 March 2014

Time for another wishlist. This time it’s Street One, a brand I bet a lot of you are already familiar with. If not, here’s a little introduction.
Street One is a company founded in 1983, which has grown to a well known brand with stores all across Europe. 4200 stores throughout Europe, to be exact. I think it’s enough to say that they have 12 anually collections with outstanding quality, ideal prices and an easy-to-wear feeling, 365 days a year.  Store designs are minimalistic, using real wood and high-quality materials combined with digital media. Major!
If you browse through the internet site, you’ll find a lot of timeless pieces which, truth to be told, we all need in our lives.  It’s great to follow the trends of course, but it’s an absolute must to have some key pieces in our closets, which we can combine, mix and match, and make them interesting and different every time we wear them. We all live in the fast lanes, so having this easiness in putting together our daily outfits, outfits  in which we can face “day to night” tasks, is definitely a winner.
That’s what you get with Street One, ladies.
In the wishlist I created and you see above, I was drawn to the pieces that are not so trendy, but are still eye catching. Not so “serious” but are still classic. Something you can easily wear to a meeting with your boss, or relaxing shopping day with your bestie.  You pick.
Prints, denim and white jeans. My spring favorites. This year, last year and the year before.
I can already see myself combining the pieces like the denim dress with some cool sneakers for running around town during the day or dance the night away in my killer heels and skinny white jeans. Yes!
OK. I’ll stop babbling and let you see it for yourselves. Have fun!