Sister Surprise Wishlist


26 March 2014

Enough with those wishlists full of coats and boots, let’s dream about our vacations on sunny island, with perfect company, drink in our hand, wearing swimming suit that hugs our bodies just the way we want it to. Are you there? Slowly wake up now and let me show you some of my favorite bikinis from Sister Surprise.
Sister Surprise is inspired by passion for lingerie and bikinis with the mission to give us an amazing and right-for-our-body piece to satisfy our every need. They understand that every one of us has a completely different body, different style and different needs, so they’re very, very careful with details while designing and that’s why the materials and quality are so convincing. And don’t let me start about the design. Oh my! From bikinis, through tankinis, all the way to the beach fashion pieces. And everything in summer patterns we all adore!
A trendy looking bikini is another thing we’re searching  for, so they heard our thoughts and… look at this wishlist! Full of pieces which will fit every lady’s body. Pieces which will only boost our confidence! And while laying on the beach, enjoying our well deserved vacation, that’s the most important thing.
Picked yours already?