New Yorker Spring 2014


26 February 2014

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One of the labels that make me instantly think of my teenage years is New Yorker. Oh sweet memories! It was perfect young fashion to help you stand out in the crowd! And feel cool! But as I grew up, they grew up with me, too.
What is always attracting me to them is that you just know what to expect. Through every season. Classic pieces, trendy pieces, eye catching pieces! Just what we fashionistas want. Of course, it’s great to follow all the trends, season by season, but you always have to stay in your own “style lane” and that’s exactly what you can do with New Yorker.
Jeans, leather jackets, a little bit of print, accessories and you’re done. Stylishly done.
As you already know, the mainstay of the New Yorker range is Young Fashion, jeans, sportswear and streetwear fashions for a young, trend-conscious target group – supplemented by a wide range of accessories and underwear. The brand’s collection makes a clear fashion statement and is entirely made up of the company’s own labels.
That’s the case with this Spring 2014 collection. Followed by amazing campaign filled with pictures of breathtaking models (hello, hot bodies in sexy lingerie), New Yorker is giving us a lot of things to crave for.
Here is my list of favorites. Already have yours?
You can see some of the items on their site, but I recommend you to visit one of their 960 stores they opened in 36 contries (I knooow, right??) and see for yourselves.
Good luck! ;-)


  1. hey ! love the black skirt!

  2. I haven't walked in to a new yorker in awhile. I spend way to much money when I go in there.

  3. Crne ńćizmice- bruka !!;)

  4. Such a nice graphic tee!


  5. I like the leather skirt in the first line.