Save or Splurge - Gold Plated Shoes


29 November 2013

JESSICA BUURMAN Nunn Gold Plated Shoes  /  CELINE Gold Plated Shoes

Remember my obsession with gold and silver plated shoes? Well, it's still going hard, thank you for asking.
Look at them, can you blame me? Too bad that the Celine babes are just a tiny bit over my usual shoes budget :-)
I'm happy and just a little bit satisfied with my Asos silver plate shoes, but still...
That's why, save or splurge? What are your thoughts?

Sjecate se moje obsesije sa cipelama sa zlatnom ili srebrenom plocicom? Eh pa jos je jaka, hvala na pitanju.
Pa pogledajte ih, ne mozete me kriviti. Steta sto su Celine mrvicu iznad mog uobicajenog budzeta za cipele:-)
Sretna sam sto sam nasla Asos verziju, ali opet...
Sta mislite? Ustedjeti ili razmaziti se?


  1. I would definitely go with the ASOS ones, Celine is way out of my price range but they are truly gorgeous! The ASOS ones are a great find thought, cannot wait to see how you style them! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  2. again EXACTLY the same

  3. na prvu su mi ljepše lijeve, iako su gotovo iste! uštedjeti za nešto što je jednosezonsko svakako! :) puse :*

  4. You're so good at these. Seriously, those ASOS ones are spot on!


  5. Save!!! Nema razlike !;)

  6. Oh these left one is way too adorable <3

  7. Easy! Left - and change the shoe laces to more elegant ones. And I can totally understand why you need gold too, besides your silver pair. It gives you SO many possibilities!

    xo Sabrina

  8. Those Celine shoes are so pretty! I would be happy if I could afford at least those from Jessica Buurman!

  9. I love those shoes. The SAVE isn't bad at all. xx/Madison