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04 November 2011

;Blazer,necklace-H&M;;Ring-Forever21;Skirt-Vintage;Shoes-Random brand

Hello my new gorgeous bag!If you follow me on facebook and twitter you know that I came back to Vienna yesterday and had a warm welcome by my new bags including this beauty.I wanted this type of bag for ages and now I have 3 in different sizes and prints.Dreams do come true!;)
I really recommend this one,because it's absolutely everything a girl needs-it's big,black and white,very good quality and it matches every outfit.I got it on this site and absolutely recommend it to you,but watch out-they have some really amazing stuff there;)
From now on,this beauty will be with me all the time!
And I just can't let the bag outshines this amazing jacket,so here's a few words about it too.I told you I have a supermom,right?Well,here's a proof!It was a normal H&M blazer,my mom found vintage leather pants,cut the legs and made it to leather sleeves blazer!And she's not a tailor!My mom really rocks!:)
I'm gonna stay home today,because with all new stuff I brought from Bosnia I brought a cold,too:(
Have a great Friday,


  1. Great look,hon!Love the skirt!

  2. In love with your bag!
    Color of your skirt drive me crazy - adorable!

  3. oh i love the blue skirt and leopard belt :)


  4. volim zlato na crnoj podlozi...savršeno podiže kombinaciju!

  5. hvala ti na divnom komentaru :), sviđa mi se kombinacija, posebno nakit <3<3

  6. zgodna :)
    super suknja

  7. Cipelići lijepi!
    A tašna ima baš slatku facu (jesi primijetila da su rajfešlus kao usta a krajevi ručki kao oči?) :)

  8. @Biberlee-Daaa!I zove se "Smiley".Prekrasna mi je;)

  9. suknja je vau, boja je stvarno odlicna :)

  10. Suknja ti je zakon,,,a torbu želimmmm :))))

    Lena( a i Helena se pridružuje )
    x x x

  11. heheh genijalna torba
    marina mi je pokazala sajt :)
    totalni hit, samo da se kod nas srede online zackoljice i eto meni torbe ;))))

  12. Now I get really mad about the H&M store near my house, they never carry those amazing items like the blazer you wore....
    Really love this blazer, I might have to get the Zara version one...

  13. Super gorgeous look!!! I am in love with that beautiful skirt of yours!!! And i love the wedges you have styled with it!!! Great great outfit sweetie!!! :):):)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  14. Ogrlica i suknja su mi najjači momenti!
    Diiivna si mi! :*

  15. Suknjica mi se bas svidja,boja je fenomenalna:)

  16. again: THAT BAG !!!!!! LOVE THE WHOLE LOOK!

  17. Torba je zaista sjajna! Sve pohvale za mamu! A meni suknja razvaljuje, boja je... uf!